Ahmed Hafez Younness
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Ahmed Hafez Younness

Executive Creative Director of FP7/CAI,

It was back in 1995 when Ahmed Hafez Youness AKA Fizo – hanging from the ceiling of some rich folks house painting fake acrylic clouds – realized that “Trompe-l’oeil” never fooled anyone.

With this eye opening lesson in mind, Ahmed enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, where he received his BA in Art Direction. His advertising career kicked off 2000 at Point of View, a small local agency, where he worked his way up from graphic designer to head of the art department. During his time at Point of View, Ahmed created and developed

numerous local award winning print campaigns.

Four years later, Ahmed was ready to embark on a new journey, one that succeeded in catapulting his creative career further. Co-founding the internationally acclaimed FC

studio with three of the brightest graphic designers in Egypt. During FC Studio’s short but bright flame of success, their work garnered them worldwide recognition, in addition

to having their work published across the Middle East and Europe.


In 2008, Ahmed joined FP7/CAI (part of McCANN world group) as Senior Art Director, where he was given the opportunity to create unforgettable campaigns for some of the agency’s most prominent clients, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Palm Hills Development (PHD). A year later, Ahmed bid FP7/CAI farewell, and joined the famous Cairo Elephant, where his work continued to shine with award winning campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Schweppes, among others.

A little over a year later, Ahmed made another career shift by returning once more to FP7/CAI as Creative Director and continued his success with several of the agency’s clients, namely Coca-Cola. Ahmed orchestrated a series of unconventional and award winning campaigns, pushing Coca-Cola to surpass its main competitor for the first time

in over a decade in Egypt. His portfolio includes a plethora of award winning campaigns for the likes of Mini Cooper, Molto, Fanta, McDonald’s and Mobinil.

In 2014, he was promoted to Executive Creative Director of FP7/CAI, leading the creative department to the next aspired creative leap for FP7/CAI.

Ahmed’s extensive collection of work has been awarded by every major awards organization in the region including MENA Effies, MENA Crystals and Dubai Lynx.