Amy Mowafi
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Amy Mowafi

Co-founder and the CEO of the MO4 Network

Amy Mowafi is a co-founder (along with her three siblings) and the CEO of the MO4 Network, a leading digital creative agency and the media hub behind popular content platforms Cairo Scene and (and their Emirates based sister site Content creators and digital disruptors (from social media to PR and production), the MO4 Network has over 140 clients (including some of the world’s biggest brands – FMCGS, global F&Bs as well as famous names in fashion and travel). Their 100-strong team of talent span offices in both Cairo and Dubai.

Amy, a mother of two who holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Bath, spent the first decade of her career as a writer and the managing editor of eniGma magazine, a leading Arab lifestyle publication, penning a couple of sassy satirical books along the way, including the regional bestseller, “Fe-mail: the trials and tribulations of being a Good Egyptian Girl”.