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Meet the speakers

Ahmed Emad

Regional Media Manager, Mondel─ôz International

Ahmed Hafez Younness

Executive Creative Director of FP7/CAI,

Amy Mowafi

Co-founder and the CEO of the MO4 Network

Dina Hashem

Managing director

Hesham Soliman

Producer & CEO, Hama Film Productions

Hussein Faheem

MD & Communication Planner , Agency 622
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CIS-Ramadan Edition 2015

Creative Industry is Egypt’s hub for the creative ecosystem devoted to Egypt’s creatives and their work in advertising, marketing, design, film, photography, publishing, and music.

Ramadan is THE season when the creative industry is viewed by millions of Egyptians through TV Ads, drama series, media shows, and digital campaigns. Despite the excess of creative products in Ramadan, a few rise above the clutter and leave a mark on the audience that lasts beyond the season.

Besides our annual summit, this year we are launching the “Ramadan Edition”, an annual 1-day event aimed to highlight and reflect on the work of Creatives during the season.

Why attend the Ramadan Edition?

We all followed the media last Ramadan but this isn’t enough. Ramadan Edition brings together creatives both from the different key playersof Ramadan ads, drama series, and digital campaigns to share their insights, discuss the ROI of their work, and teach the audience about how they managed to stand out from the clutter during the Ramadan season.

Who will you meet at our Ramadan Edition?

Our speakers and panelists line-up represents all the stakeholders of the Ramadan season, featuring renowned creative directors, top creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama producers, TV channel managers, digital experts, media-buying agencies,

Follow our Facebook page and website for speaker announcements.

Who is this for?

Ramadan Edition attendees are selected through an online application that measures their relevance to the event. This event is mainly for:

  •  Marketers, advertisers, and creative agencies
  • Wannabe creatives and people with the passion to learn about the ads and drama series of Ramadan
  • Entrepreneurs in the creative sector
  • Graduating students and fresh graduates from Creative disciplines
  • Creative career seekers

Ramadan Edition is designed to enable the audience to answer the question “What’s after Ramadan?” and reflect on the creative agencies and brands communicated their message.

How to attend?

  •  Visit
  •  Create an eventtus account or sign up with Facebook then click on “Get ticket” to apply
  •  Wait for an approval/rejection email with a confirmation code in case of approval
  •  Buy your ticket from Vodafone stores. Vodafone branches selling our tickets: