Mohamed Zayat
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Mohamed Zayat

Director, Egypt

In Zayat’s commercials, cats sit on pianos while being lifted in stairwells by moving companies, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s biggest achievement is being recognized as a midi car horn, teenagers dangle from Louis XVI chandeliers, humans live in paintings and kitchens turn upside down. Zayat’s immensely cinematic commercials manage to mix dark and subtle humor, drama and comedy, absurdity and realism to end up with a unique outcome (to say the least). Zayat’s commercials were a tough sell at first for the Middle East especially that the common successful formula either relied on heavy dialogue comedy or famous songs/jingles. Having worked as a creative Director for both McCann world group and BBDO before switching to directing, helped Zayat find his voice while amassing a considerable amount of experience in writing, concept development and most importantly selling these absurdist concepts to clients. Zayat then moved on to do his Master of Fine Arts in film directing in New York and graduated in 2009. He won his first award in Film Craft: Directing in his debut year “2013” at the Dubai Lynx. Over the years, Zayat’s commercials started gaining not only regional praise, but serious international praise as well. This got him featured on world-class advertising publications such as shots, adforum, adsoftheworld and culture pub. Zayat recently started being represented by Mercurio Films in Italy but works with most production houses everywhere else in the world.


Zayat is also a funk/rock/jazz musician living between Cairo, Egypt and Brooklyn, New York. He is the founder and guitarist of Egypt based band “Feel el Neel”. His band performs occasionally and releases a track every couple of years. He is a Jazz and old school rock fanatic who will not tolerate debates that dare question the greatness of his idols who include but are not exclusive to: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, and Pre-Spaghetti incident Guns ’N Roses. Zayat is equally receptive to criticism of his idols in cinema (who will not be named here) as he is with music. Like any self-respecting Bio, it is imperative to end it on a worthy note: Roger Federer is the undeniable GOAT.

(and to those who don’t know who Roger Federer is, I truly pity you).