Jeff Danley
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Jeff Danley

Director - Innovation & Esports




He patented the mobile hotspot; helped bring Pandora from a streaming website to the mobile space years before the iPhone and Android existed; and today he is working with large brand clients to shape the future of their products and services with VMLY&R’s Innovation Practice. 


Jeff brings extensive, and diverse, experience to VMLY&R. Having worked with entertainment brands including Disney, NFL, and NASCAR, Jeff has helped these brands break new ground in the areas of streaming video, social media, and mobility.  Leveraging his background as an entrepreneur, he excels beyond traditional thinking to drive visionary services and strategies for clients.  


With a heartfelt passion for gaming, Jeff bridges his innovative thinking with deep knowledge of the industry to put clients ahead of the curve by recognizing early trends and capitalizing on new opportunities to enter the market and to connect consumers.