Amr Soliman
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Amr Soliman

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Mountain View and DMG, Egypt 

Amr Contributing to the legacy of Dar Al Mimar Group that extends over 30 years, Engineer Amr Soliman has been one of the key figures of the real estate industry in Egypt and the MENA region. Engineer Amr’s leadership stems from a deeply rooted belief in the power of innovation and novelty as pillars to design, architecture, and development. He has focused and developed an early interest in delivering superior designs that aimed to add real value to the lives of his clients. Moreover, Eng. Amr reflects his life’s vision and business approach in DMG - an abbreviation for Dar AI Mimar Group. The name; Dar Al Mimar, which is an Arabic name that reflects the warmth of home: "Dar", the power of the "Group" and the enthusiasm to develop and build landmarks through "Mimar"; which is Architecture. Through this extensive expertise and long journey in the sector, Amr Soliman altered and tailored his vision to mold Mountain View as a professional real estate development company in 2005. Mountain View quickly evolved from developing small premium communities and mini-compounds, to city-scale developments that integrate different life activities. Together with members of the DMG family, Amr spent the years from 2010 to 2015 consolidating the group companies with the latest in business and management systems. The ever-growing team of Mountain View enabled Engineer Amr to shift from management chores to pouring innovation into the superior designed communities for to grow them into havens for happiness and ultimate comfort. His vision of happiness builds on a practical approach that evolves from the DMG family, to DMG clients, then the whole community. Recently, as a result of his approach and the innovation development dynamics he implanted in his employees and later the communities they work on, Mountain View-DMG has launched their very first “happy” administrative project “Heartwork”. In collaboration with Delivering Happiness (DH) and CallisonRTKL, the project was designed within the framework of its CSR strategy in order to create a positive environment through the choice of colors and materials. In addition to leading development and innovation, Amr Soliman spends a considerable part of his time on social and humanitarian activities. He is in fact an active and founding partner of a number of charities and social responsibility institutions, including "The Egyptian Food Bank,” and "Terous." He took part in the foundation of the American University in Cairo’s Real Estate Academy Program and is one of the referees of its graduation projects.