Abeer Saud Alessa
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Abeer Saud Alessa

Co. Founder/Managing Director – Bold Agency 

Advertising Committee Member - Chamber of Commerce

Saudi Women Leadership Circle Member - UNICEF 

Born in Riyadh on September 5, 1987, Abeer Alessa was the first daughter to the businessman Saud Alessa, owner of Alessa Industries and Chairman to the Board. Abeer’s decision to pass on joining the comfort and security of the family business and pursuing a different career which she can build was the first groundbreaking decision for a Saudi female at that time. Abeer took her Diploma in Arts & Design from Bahrain, and got her first job at MBC Group where she worked as Promotion Producer for a year before accepting a Conceptual Copywriter position at JWT (one of the leading multinational agencies in the world and the region); hence becoming among the first Saudis (and Saudi females) to join the advertising industry in Saudi Arabia. During her time at JWT, Abeer recognized the caliber and methods that advertising agencies are practicing in the Saudi market, and got convinced that the market required a different approach in servicing to be able for the advertising and marketing to have the proper outcome that Abeer’s country deserves. This led Abeer to another crossroad, where she took a courageous decision to leave the comfort and perks of being in an international company and decided to go on her own. She registered a company in Riyadh in 2010, and named it after what she saw the move was: Bold Agency. Abeer knew she had to have more knowledge and more experience on how to run and expand the agency to shape it in a way that can fulfill the market needs that she previously identified, so she moved to France for 2 years where she took her Master’s degree in International Marketing and Business Development and chose Bold Agency as thee business she wanted to explore and develop in her final thesis project. In 2012, Abeer moved back to Riyadh to establish Bold Agency, and is still till our current day running and expanding the agency as the Managing Director; growing it in scale and quality, and accumulating tens of success stories along the way. It wasn’t a smooth journey for a Saudi entrepreneur running a business in an industry controlled by conglomerates and multinational agencies for the longest time. Abeer had to always be one step ahead on how to grow the agency in a way that allows for competition and results in value, and had to face other factors that were still dominant in the Saudi society and mindset; it was harder for her to do the everyday managerial and legal tasks because she was a female in a male-dominated society and mindset. But that didn’t stop her or slow her down; she remained keen on delivering on the objectives she previously set for the agency, even if it came at a higher cost in terms of time, efforts, or morale. Today, Bold Agency is among the most respected agencies in Saudi Arabia, servicing renowned clients and industries that were previously controlled by conglomerates and giants, and setting a new mindset and dynamics for the industry. Bold Agency is also the first Saudi independent agency to be awarded as “Independent Agency of the Year” in Dubai Lynx. In 2017 Abeer became a member of Advertising Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh. In 2019 Abeer became a member of the Saudi Women Leadership Circle at UNICEF